Mold Inspection for Monterey Homes

Mold of all types can be hazardous in a home. Before you sell or purchase a house, it’s critical to have the whole picture of what’s going on in the house. While some mold can be easily taken care of and is non-toxic, black mold is a major issue and requires professional removal. Mold and mildew can breed in every environment but humid places are especially susceptible. Black mold can damage the structure of your home, which is why toxic mold inspection and testing is critical for anyone selling or purchasing a home.

How a Home Mold Inspection Works

I meticulously check each area of your home for signs of mold, both hazardous and non. A team of professionals, including a licensed electrician and HVAC specialist, use the latest tools and technology to perform mold inspections in Monterey, CA. After I perform your home inspection evaluation, I create a report that’s user-friendly and easy to read, including detailed descriptions, thermal images and high-resolution digital photos. Your report is emailed within 24 hours of your mold inspection and I don’t consider it complete until you have a thorough understanding of what everything on the report means.

Get Your Certified Mold Inspection Today

When buying or selling a home, getting a detailed home inspection that includes mold, is vital. Knowing the ins and outs of the home’s structure is crucial whether you’re the one buying or selling. A comprehensive, easy to understand home inspection report is key to getting a sale off on the right foot. As a home inspector, I’m certified by InterNACHI, the largest and most trusted inspector association worldwide. My Standards of Practice makes sure you get an accurate and detailed home inspection and my Code of Ethics ensures your interests are put first and that your rights as a consumer are protected. Contact us today to get a high-quality mold inspection in Monterey, CA.